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This page contains video clips viewable in any media player. There are five clips, and each is described below.

There are also multiple clips to suit different connection speeds. The five clips are:

Clip One: What is a Blended Librarian?

John clears up some misunderstandings about the blended librarian, and explains how a blended librarian contributes to faculty development and information literacy.

Clip Two: What is the Connection Between Blended Librarianship and Information Literacy?

Sometimes there is confusion about the difference between blended librarianship and information literacy. John and Steven explain how the two are connected.

Clip Three: What is Instructional Technology?

Steven and John give a quick introduction to instructional technology and how librarians might use it to improve collaboration with faculty.

Clip Four: The Blended Librarian Online Learning Community

Steven and John provide a quick introduction to the learning community and explain what happens there and the types of resources available.

Clip Five: The Blended Librarian Web Site and Community - Who Can Join
(runtime=40 seconds)

Steven and John tell the audience who can join the online learning community for blended librarianship.

All video clips are provided courtesy of Soaring To Excellence and the College of DuPage.
Many thanks to James Nocera and Cindy Pogwizd for their help in providing these clips. copyrightę2004 College of DuPage


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